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As tech partners for Maanch, I am the design lead for multiple products that cater to the impact eco-system


UI/UX Design


2018 – Present

A little about Maanch

Maanch is building a series of global impact platforms designed to facilitate funding to worthy projects using the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help make impact-centric investment decisions.
As the design lead, I am tasked to lead the design team at Agaetis to create UI/UX for multiple products that are being built for Maanch. With Maanch, we have built the first platform to build a product that facilitated cause-driven projects with funding, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (17 goals). With this platform, we provided the funder (HNIs and family offices) and the receivers (NGOs and social organizations) with a dashboard to track the impact of their projects and investments. Maanch has also been awarded the UK-India Awards 2019: Start-up of the Year Award.

In response to last year’s Covid-19 outbreak, we also built a covid dashboard, which hosted more than 900 charities all around the globe to receive funding for immediate, short-term, or long-term impact. Anyone in the world could support diverse projects run by organizations locally and globally to overcome the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the design lead, I have also built a Design System Manager (DSM) using Invision for a slightly different purpose than usual. The DSM on Invision acts as a repository for all brand assets including templates for presentations for the business team. The DSM acts as a centralized system for colours, typography, presentation templates and other brand elements for the entire team at Maanch.


One of my major responsibility is to also facilitate the marketing team at Maanch with all kinds of brand collaterals. These collaterals include daily social media posts, print designs for care packages for their supporters, designing a 90-page ESG report, and creating presentations and prototypes for their potential customers.