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The UK’s only end-to-end worktop & tabletop retailer


UI/UX, Design lead


2018 – Present

What is House Of Worktop?

House Of Worktops’s unique source-to-customer process sets them apart from other worktop retailers who focus on only part of the chain. This allows them to exercise greater control and quality checks on their products, and achieve their objectives of being ecologically responsible.

Building the brand

Being in the industry for nearly 22 years, House of Worktop’s parent brand has a solid hold in the Bulgarian market. The soon realised the potential of the UK market and decided to start an online business that served all over the UK.

For the brand, they wanted to have a vintage feel with a modern touch. We followed the Brand Commitment Matrix framework by Marty Neumeier’s to have a deep understanding of our customers and the business offerings.

The E-commerce platform

During our competitors research, we realised that all the competitors focused on was the deals that they were offering. But for us displaying our product correctly was more of focus than deals. We followed the standard E-commerce purchasing funnel – Interest > Connect > Decision > Purchase. We made sure that the products are discoverable, reliable (by adding the right product details) and easy to purchase.

Using data analytics, we also improved the checkout process which in-turn led to jump in sales by 20% in 3 months.

Custom worktop builder 2.0

9 months from the time the website was live, we realised that a lot of customers wanted to customise their worktops. Customisations ranged from applying oiling services to custom size. We developed a quick step based custom worktop builder 1.0 to test it with our customers. It was a big hit!

We then built a web app which allowed customers to customise their worktops like never before. Keeping customer needs at the fore front we designed a tool that was fun, intuitive and easy to use.