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Curating high quality music for visual story tellers and empowering Indie artists with information, resources and opportunities


Branding & Design Lead



A little about Heard

Having experience in the music industry for several years, Heard Music has realised that individual artists, bands and composers find legal, licensing and publishing daunting. They are the helping hand that will take care of the non-music part and let the musicians do what they are good at.

Building the brand

Competitor Study: This study shows us that most of their competitors follow a very simple, modern, and clean branding. We do not want to reinvent the wheel as we believe that the branding of some of our global competitors really works.


Exploration: The new logo is heavily inspired by the concept of cymatic. Cymatic, derived from the greek word “kyma” which means wave is the science of turning sounds into images. More broadly, it means how matter reacts to sound waves to form shapes and patterns. It often forms different but harmonious patterns depending on the driving frequency. As our the name is generic, we needed to add more depth into the wordmark. The new logo is distorted with the sound frequency of the word itself. We are at the heart of music and sound that’s why having a logo that is inspired by this concept sits well. It also holds true to our value of not being a stock market-place as our logo stands out instantly.

Logo design: Our aim was to keep the logo minimal. The name itself conveys the relation to music. As the name of the company is generic adding a symbol wouldn’t fully indicate what they company does. The proposed design is for the main brand which can be extended for the sub-brands like Publishing and Music. We decided to go with a logotype/wordmark logo type as we feel this will help us create a clear, visually memorable identity. Using a unique and fresh typeface for the logo will help us create a recall value in the market rather than using a symbol. The representation of the word becomes a visual symbol of the organisation or product. Some of the companies that use wordmark logos are Coca-Cola, IBM, Kelloggs etc