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It matters how it looks. What matters more is how it functions.

I am a Senior UX and Interaction designer with a vision to design simple solutions to complex user-problems. 

Selected projects

Creating an investor dashboard to make impact-centric investment decisions

AI powered image and video sharing online platform with an array of features for the modern photographer

The UK’s only end-to-end worktop & tabletop retailer. Building kitchen wood worktops for your home, and the planet

Curating thriving collaborations between musicians and content creators of all shapes and sizes





UX design is a creative and dynamic field that takes design beyond just the look and feel. I believe design has the power to define the way everything functions. All my work portrays 3 underlying principles I abide by religiously. 



I find the best possible solution for the users not because it is assumed that users are dumb but because they deserve it. I believe good design is not only functional but also psychological and aesthetic.



Empathy allows me relate to the users and feel their pain points along the journey. I can step into my user’s shoes to connect with their problems, circumstances and situations.



Being true to myself. My mantra is finding the best solution and not the fastest one. I follow a systematic approach to understand the problem my design is intending to solve to arrive at the best possible solution.